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About Us

I qualified as a child minder in 2011. At the end of 2013 I took on an assistant. My assistant also happens to be my Mum. My mum and I make a great team. Between us we have a wealth of knowledge about child care and child development. We really enjoy what we do! We have a passion for education and development and a want for each individual child in our care to thrive. We have the skill to cope with all that life (and children) throw at us. Keep reading to find out a little more about us. 

Anna Hutt - Childminder

I have been child minding for over eight years and I love it! I've found my calling in life and I will forever more be a Childminder. When I left school I started work in Public Relations and Administration. I trained with the Chartered Institute of Marketers and became a Marketing Assistant for a firm of accountants before I married my amazing husband in 2009. After our wedding I decided I wanted a change of career and before we knew it I was pregnant with our daughter. I have always wanted to work with children, having done voluntary work when I was at school at Camp Mowhawk, a Respite Holiday Camp for Autistic children and their families. After I left school and went to work, I still volunteered at Camp Mowhawk, taking time off work to look after children at the camp. I found it rewarding work and very enjoyable. 

I'm in my 30s, I live with my husband, daughter and son and our very friendly pet cats and pet rabbits in Earley. In my spare time I am on the committe for a local pre-school and like to offer my help where I can. I also enjoy reading science-fiction/fantasy novels and playing on my husband's Xbox. I also love arts and crafts. I make cards, clothes, soft furnishings, crochet and knit. I love baking - cakes especially!

Maria Ward - Child Minding Assistant

My mum joined me towards the end of 2013. She was a full time mum to myself and my brothers and sister. We're now all grown up and leading successful lives in our own way. In the days before Ofsted and when I was growning up, she was a child minder too and spent many a school summer holiday looking after lots of local children. She never really turned a profit, but used to enjoy spending her time giving myself and other children lots of opportunities to socialise, grow and learn. When her children started to grow up and were established at primary school, Maria worked as a Mobile Head Cook for schools in and around Reading. She initiated Breakfast Clubs in many primary schools, where she saw a need at the time. Maria and I are are big promoters of healthy eating, healthy lifestyle and exercise. Maria is a vegetarian. 

Maria's hobbies include going on long walks with her dogs. She also has an interest in animals and animal welfare, especially that of wild animals including monkeys and elephants. 

Maria also dedicates her spare time, even now, to voluntary work looking after the elderly. 

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